Gather close to witness now,
The falling of the snow.
Watch as grace like willowed wisps,
Drifts to the earth below.

See, my dear, the Winter Winds,
Sing their final verse.
Summating all their malice,
For an amaroidal curse.

Let me see your eyes as such,
For I shall wait no more.
Tis’ time to leave and lay to rest,
This weary love I swore.

There’s howling in the air,
As I step into the street,
And a thriving indecision,
That numbs me to my feet.

I lift my face to ponder now,
This brash, insistent snow,
That falls despite Spring’s warm embrace,
I prayed for long ago.

And lastly falls my lost love’s gaze,
From lofty window’s view,
Surveying all the wandering ways,
Our broken hearts pursue.

Now without pause or second glance,
I turn my eyes ahead…

And I see long winding alleyways
And dimly lit streets
With people looking about as if
They can’t see this icy scene unfold
And it matters not to them

One or two pass me a glance
And drift through me like specters
But the rest simply breathe

I pull close my coat around my shoulders
Reach for the rusted lighter in my pocket
And bring it to my lips
To light a cigarette I had kept waiting
For how long, I can’t remember

And I breathe

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