I heard tales of girl locked far away,
in a fortress of winter where night had it’s stay.

So I threw words to the breeze and beg them find her ear,
but the wind grew too strong as they began to draw near.

Oh, but the birds of the air, they could carry my call,
but they refused to fly where snow and ice fall.

So it was I who was left to tread
those icy peaks and snowy beds.

And when I finally found her, I bid us leave
where skies are clear and grass is green.

Then around my neck she cast her arms
with forever breath and perfect charm,

but one more thing she did implore,
a simple gift and nothing more.

And without this gift she refused our flight,
for there is no love without sacrifice,

But no gift I had so I travel alone
for I spent all I had in buying this coat


*Published at Taylors request, Anthony doesn’t like this one very much


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