How the waves,
Crash against,
The stony shore,
Where my light-,
House stands guard,
By the sea.

Every day,
I look out,
To horizon far,
For my love,
To return,
Back to me.

And the years,
They’ve passed by,
And I’ve wondered if,
She’ll come back,
To her home,
By my side.

I have called,
And I’ve cried,
With the ocean wind,
Hoping that,
I would hear,
Her reply.

Now my time,
It has come,
As I travel to the,
Willow Tree,
On the night,
When we met.

Now as I,
Lay down and,
Draw my final breath,
I hope you,
Hear how I,
Waited patiently till the end.

-Taylor Glenn Pritchard

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