Oh, this love,
It asks me come and rest,
In the warm embrace of your heart.

And it beats,
Like a sweet, soft drum,
Keeping harmony and time with me.

So, we dreamed,
Of our life to come,
Of all the joys had yet to come our way.

There we vowed,
Through every trial and storm,
We would ever hold eachother close.

The Autumn sun shone warmth upon our souls,
And brought light into our lives.
And every time I gazed into your eyes,
They reflected azure skies.

So, lie with me,
By the willow tree.
My heart is yours,

So, we resolved,
We were to be wed,
On a field of green before the summer came.

And how her eyes,
Shone bright like stars,
When she asked me ne’er to leave her side.

But though he heart was full of love and joy,
He spirit longed for great adventure.
Her head filled with her father’s maps and charts,
She vowed to leave by any measure.

But stay with me,
By the willow tree.
I will wait for you,

And I,
Who merely sought a home.
Watched her vessel slowly sail to sea.

-Taylor Glenn Pritchard

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