The light flickers,
Yet does not fade.
The night wanes,
But not for day.

The clock turns,
But makes no sound,
My name is called,
No voice is found.

The Past is here,
And fills my mind.
He speaks to me,
But is not kind.

Each and every face,
Every lonely tear,
They now resurface,
Every buried fear.

Where can I run?
Is there room to hide?
There is no light I see,
Where with I might abide.

They linger here,
By shroud of shadow,
Jeering and jiving,
At all things hallowed.

And even now,
I hear them sing,
The songs of deep,
And evils bring.

Dawn or slumber,
I care not which,
Release to me,
A pious pitch.

Let ancient melodies,
Be drowned,
And songs of sweet joy,

Make shadowed figures,
And truer forms,
Settle here.

Let this cave,
And daedric sons,
Be reprobate.

Light or sleep,
It matters not,
Bring peace to me,
And darkness stop.

-Taylor Glenn Pritchard

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