It seems so very long ago,
To me, but perhaps not to others,
When I was a child.

I was the quiet one, I’m told,
More kept to myself,
Not quite meek, but still mild.

And while it’s true what they say,
That life just passes us by,
There are moments I remember.

One in particular for today,
Was on a quiet autumn night,
On the eve of September.

It was a busy time, I recall,
Dad was at work that night,
We were home alone.

It was a school night.
I knew what that meant.
An evening of reading and writing.

But mom had other plans,
She surprised us with a rented film,
And some pizza as a treat.

So, we sat around the fireplace,
Watched the movie by dim light,
And under blankets fell asleep.

It might seem a trifle small,
Of a memory to hold dear,
In my mind and in my heart.

But many nights like those,
And all the lessons thereafter,
My mother did impart.

Life will not stand still,
And fit to our designs,
Nor be an easy test.

But on those simple nights,
While crickets sang,
My mom taught me to rest.

And since those days,
I’ve held on tight,
To the peace that I was shown.

That the God my mom,
Taught me to adore,
Offers rest beside his thrown.

Happy Mother’s Day.

-Taylor Glenn Pritchard

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