It was a long time ago,
Farther and farther each day,
When daylight passed away.

We would gather ’round the screen,
To embark upon a quest,
And evil ones detest.

Like those who came before,
We stared in starstruck wonder.
And laughed with one another.

For on those well spent nights,
We sank when hope was gone,
And danced when heroes won.

And even to this day,
I remember each and every night.
Like a warm and inviting light.

When I learned to believe in hope,
Because when evil was on top,
Defeat good, they could not.

The lessons that I learned,
They still follow me even now,
And bring light into the shadow.

So, here’s to the heroes of our youth,
Who fought when darkness fell,
And lived their tales to tell.

Who taught us all to seek whats good,
So, that rather than being deceived,
We’d have a New Hope to believe.

May the 4th be with you…

-Taylor Glenn Pritchard

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