She fell into my life,
Like a whirlwind of affection.
It took me by surprise.

And she,
Drifted in like the ocean wind,
The Angel of Sarasota,
And landed by my side.

Her hair,
Like oak leaves in the fall.
Her love was wide like trees.
Her spirit stood up tall.

Her eyes,
Like jewels in caverns deep,
Reflected constellations,
And cosmic lights unseen.

Is this my home now,
My last and second chance?
The redemption of my love,
I feel it in my heart.

Spent our time under the stars,
Walking in the night,
Beneath Orion’s bow.

And all,
That I ever wanted,
All that I had dreamed,
I saw it in her smile.

Can this be home now,
My place to live and love?
Her roots have grown deep,
Into my soul and in my heart.

And she,
Sailed out to the sea,
To far and distant lands,
Far away from me.

And storms,
Set upon my soul.
Laid waste upon my heart,
As I sat upon the shore.

And I,
Wonder if she will return,
If I am worth enough,
If our love will still endure.

And though,
She is out of sight,
She’s ever in my mind,
And will be for all time.

And I think,
I feel it in the winds,
I see it on the waves,
Her ship is coming back.

-Taylor Glenn Pritchard

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