“Why are you down?” He asks.
I cannot speak.

“Where is your friend?”
I can only weep.

“Where are you going.”
I hear the rattling train.

“Have you given up?”
“I don’t know,” I say.

“Can you stand?”
I try, but can’t.

“Is there any hope?”
“Is there any point?”

“Can you see tomorrow?”
“I don’t wish too.”

“Would you like to know?”
“Can I ask you?”

“No, you may not.”
My heart sinks.

“Get on you feet.”
I stop to think.

“What does your heart say?”
“To press forward.”

“Have you lost your love?”
“I’m just not sure.”

“Have you forgotten to trust?”
“It’s all I have.”

“Then rise and fight!”
At last I stand.

He walks away.
He does not stop.

He’s out of sight,
But you are not.

-Taylor Glenn Pritchard

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