Sometimes I feel like a failure,
A loser, a fool.
Like I’m constantly bound,
To sin and it’s rule.

Time and again I have tried,
To get up and stand.
And as much as I have tried,
I’ve fallen down again.

I can hardly wait for the day,
When these struggles are won,
When all temptations are crushed,
By the heel of the Son.

This war it seems endless,
With no end in sight.
Oh for the light to shine through,
And put an end to this blight.

Cuz I am afraid,
If I don’t turn around,
I’ll be left alone and cold,
Letting my fears abound.

Will you come and save me?

Sometimes it’s hard to see,
That the war is done.
When I’m surrounded by my enemies,
And darkness falls.

Where is the light of song,
In the silence here?
Where is the hand I’ve heard,
That wipes away our many tears?

So let justice reign,
And put an end to death.
Let the love I know is true,
Consume my every breath.

Please give me hope,
When the shadows fall.
I want the strength to turn away,
From the sirens call.

Please save me here,
In the lowest place.
Dig me out of all the mire,
So I can see you’re face.

And call me son,
I feel so unloved.
I need power to keep my eyes,
On only you above.

I beg you save me now.

-Taylor Glenn Pritchard

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