When the shadows fall like rain,
And you’re kicked while you’re down.
When you’re attention’s to Heaven,
But you can’t hear a sound.

In the heart wrenching silence,
That chills to the bone,
There are weights on the mind,
That sit like a stone.

When everyone has answers,
And ways to find peace,
But you just can’t find it,
Despite all your pleas.

Sometimes there’s just darkness,
Filled with endless doubt,
When all you can do is fall to your knees,
And shout.

Because I’ve never seen a sign,
Or a man raised from the dead.
I’ve never seen a crippled man,
Rise up from his bed.

And sometimes all I want,
Is a message or a sign.
A writing on the wall,
To know all will be fine.

I’ve heard stories and tales,
About His ways and His plans.
But where do you go,
When you can’t even stand?

Where are the visions,
And dreams of which I’ve heard,
To direct those who are lost,
Back to the fold?

Perhaps I lack the faith,
Or the righteousness to see.
Maybe I’m just not the man,
That I’m supposed to be.

You’ve made dry paths through water,
And sent goats to lead the blind.
Where are the pillars of fire,
For those left behind?

In the midst of roaring tides,
I need the still waters.
I want to find the garden,
And the hands of the potter.

All I have is the promise,
That dawn will surely come,
That this storm shall subside,
And this sea shall be calm.

So, to walk is to trust,
To look towards the Son,
With a faith unwavering,
Till this race is done.

-Taylor Glenn Pritchard

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