Come brothers, now our time is come,
Through fire, wind, and storm.
This road we walk will lead us to,
Our kingdom lost to war.

Though winters wrath is wading in,
And piercing through our bones,
Still farther past the forest dark,
The mountain calls us home.

Take courage now and lead us on,
Through cavern, wood, and mire.
Around us stand our many foes,
Perched on their looming spires.

Raise high your swords and oaken shields,
Our fight is night at hand.
For any loss we’ll soon repay,
When we reach our sovereign land.

Deep in the mountain now we stand,
Down in the heart of flame.
To claim our treasurer stolen ‘er,
The quest for which we came.

The debt of blood and souls which we,
Have journeyed to atone,
Shall be repaid a thousand fold,
When we find the Arkenstone.

Inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien

-Taylor Glenn Pritchard

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