I Walk the Streets of Brooklyn,
I take it step by step.
Things I’ve never seen.
Places I’ve never been.

Assaulted by a thousand smells,
Embraced by a million songs.
All while I trek this breezy morn’,
Brooklyn opens wide her arms.

There is love in every corner,
Though it takes a varied form.
Though it speaks a different language.
Though we stand on stranger shores.

I am in love again at last,
Not with this place or this city,
But with the street out before me;
This life and who I will be.

Perhaps we’re not so different,
I always thought it was so.
But in your eyes I see myself,
I hear the same heart I know.

Oh Brooklyn, if I stay,
If I lie here next to you,
Can you promise this same love?
Will you always be true?

If I hold you in my heart,
And never make you leave,
Would you still be kinder,
And never make me grieve?

On these littered Streets I stand,
And look beneath the surface.
I see your beauty and intentions;
All you Glory and your purpose.

Keep me grounded.
Hold me pure.
Let me close.
Give the cure.
Redemption and forgiveness,
Death and resurrection,
And even when I fall,
Life and Salvation.

Even when I stray away,
And tell you that we’re through,
Hold me ever closer to you.

-Taylor Glenn Pritchard

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