I wonder what is wrong with her?
Why is she here?
Is she here for herself,
Or for another?
From my perspective,
Nothing looks clear.
Here we sit in this room,
Ignoring each other.

I shift my feet so very softly,
Not to draw too much attention.
I’ll keep my problems to myself,
And my concerns in my mind.
It feels nice in this darkness,
Safe from every ill question.
All my doubts concealed,
For no one to find.

And now, more people enter,
And crowd this small plain room.
I realize now that I am in the corner,
Even with every option open.
It’s a funny thing to realize.
Up till now, I’d just assumed.
If I am given every choice,
I’ll always go where its most secluded.

And now I am by myself again.
The way it was always meant to be.
Just me and my twisted thoughts,
Contemplating all of my problems.
Sometimes I wish there was someone beside me,
A kind observer who could see,
Every little thing that is wrong with me,
And sit down to help me solve them.

But no
I sit
And I wait
I check the time
He is late
I hear a voice
It calls my name
But I see no one
I guess I’m insane

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