To the second,
And hopefully better half,
Of the year.
July brings a hope,
To benefit our behalf,
And set skies clear.

Now we can smile,
We have come this far,
We have struggled this long.
Before the fall,
We can heal our hearts,
And sing a new and joyful song.

I used to despair,
When the night was darkest,
And my hope had set.
But see the sun,
The light ascends, and this story,
Is not over yet.

So, come July.
Wipe off the tears of May.
The winter has come and gone.
Come my love.
Come see the light of day.
The time has ceased to run.

Winter will return.
There will be dark and cold.
And we will cry again.
But July is here.
There are new joys untold.
Let us begin again.

-Taylor Glenn Pritchard

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