I don’t remember another night like this,
When my hope was crushed and scattered.
My faith not gone but shattered.
The joyful songs I used to sing,
Strewn about, dischorded and tattered.

It’s never been harder to praise you.
Never been this strange to pray.
I’ve never felt this far from day.
Of all the lonely roads I’ve travelled,
This is the most I’ve lost my way.

I’m not sure I’ve ever felt this much doubt,
Like there is no man or god I can trust.
When all my treasures have turned to rust,
I can only assume that what I held so dearly,
Was nothing more than greed and lust.

Still it’s never been this hard to praise you,
Never before have you been quite so silent.
Where is that light so pure and vibrant?
That peace that transcends every fear,
That stared down Satan’s grasp and defied it?

I can’t find my voice of joy,
I have no reason now to sing.
This wretched curse, how I feel your sting.
How I hope to be dreaming when the morning comes,
And feel the warmth that the sunrise brings.

-Taylor Glenn Pritchard

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