It’s been months since I have driven these old roads.
It has many twists and turns.
Still I know every inch of these streets by heart.
I have driven them in my sleep.

It would happen, more than once I mind you,
You’d be lonely and scared.
I would travel the pathways to your front door by moonlight.
You were waiting to hear my voice.

It never mattered how late it would be.
I was never too tired.
Looking back on those nights, I feel desolate and cold,
Lacking the warm embrace of that love.

Now I see your  many faces hanging on the walls.
A life of learning to love.
Did you never learn or was I just not worthy?
Are you lying now or were you then?

In the end, I can only ask myself if it would matter.
Would the answer change my heart?
No, I am as sure as a man can be.
An affection that is captured is not so easily released.

There are answers I want, but are not permitted to know.
Such submission is love.
There is no security found in a concrete heart.
There is no faith or trust in a five foot drop.

I suppose, all you can do is be true.
To yourself and others.
Acknowledge your love and devotion regardless of fears.
Commit to be patient through the passing of years.

One thought more and I swear I will be through.
Do not quit.
There is no love worth chasing,
That doesn’t demand you die so that you might live.

-Taylor Glenn Pritchard

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