If it’s anything,
I guess it’s love.
If you can’t explain it,
There is no doubt.
When there are songs and obscenities,
You want to shout,
And the moon,
Is the only one awake.

If I had to say,
It must be love.
If your hairs have turned gray,
From the constant frights.
If your eyes are glazed over,
From the sleepless nights.
If your heart is full,
Of fear and regret.

I’m beginning to think,
It must be love.
When your memories are filled,
With the happy times.
All the cheesy jokes,
And the nursery rhymes.
Every giggle,
And every smile.

I know in my mind,
It must be love.
When I am hurt, I’ll forgive.
I am always your friend.
I would give all I have,
For your joy to not end.
Whether near or you’re far,
You are still in my heart.

It must be love.

-Taylor Glenn Pritchard

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