So I am never able to forget.
This is why I love you.

Because your soul is so free.
Because your heart wildly dreams and your mind agrees.

When I see mountains, you see molehills.
I feel panic, you find thrills.

When I'm a logician you're feet are on the edge.
You're hand held out towards me to join you on the ledge.

The canyons of faith beside you are so much grander than before.
You cause me to step with eyes unseeing to what God might have in store.

Because when I am alone I see the world in black and white,
And your universe is full of color covering up my poorly drawn lines.

Because alone, I find myself misplaced, too prone to sorrow and fear.
It feels like half of my heart is missing whenever you're not here.

Should I ever be so blessed to make rights out of all my wrongs,
I hope that on that day, we both shall see this is a love where we belong.

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