Alright, once again my friends Attalus have released some new music. I have written a bit about them before. Their album “Post Tenebras Lux” made it on my top five praise-minded albums. If I wanted to make a huge generalization, I would say that Attalus falls under the category of hardcore music. In reality, their style of music is much more intricate than cut n’ paste hardcore. Their music falls more under the form of a composition that uses familiar instruments to our culture. The band is composed of Seth Davey on keys/vocals, Evan King on electric guitar/backing vocals, John Sierra on electric guitar, Chris Sierra on drums/backing vocals, John Amos on bass guitar/backing vocals.

Today, I am here to discuss their new three-song EP titled “The Brighter Side”. I am very pleased with the direction that Attalus went with this short album. The album is a very fun mix of blues, jazz, and rock. But at the same time, they managed to maintain a lot of their elements that kept in the hardcore game. This is a sound I have simply not heard done. I would have to think way back to find a band that was comfortable mixing this many genres into one album.

The album is composed of two songs that have appeared on previous albums and have been redone, and then one brand new song. The new song “Into the Sea” continues to reflect the general heart of the band. They have shown a passion for the analogy of the sea that depicts the idea of martyrdom. This new song describes what it truly means to count this world as nothing. It means to seek redemption and holiness at any costs. All that this world holds is mere waste compared to the riches of knowing Christ. The song states, “Dive into the sea/It could be the end of me/Get lost in your undertow/Don’t care what is costs/Just let my soul get washed/Let it drown in the overflow.” These are the kind of radical words that you don’t hear penned today in our culture’s music. There are many lessons to be learned by studying the lives and sacrifices of the martyrs. Every time I listen to Attalus, I am reminded of the same God who could compel me to lay down everything for the furtherance of His gospel. I believe these guys really grasp what it means to count all worldly things as loss. I see it in their lyrics with consistency. It is refreshing to see a band that proclaims the beauty of the gospel without shame or restraint.

Technically, this EP could be listed as experimental, considering that Attalus intend to return to their old familiar sound in their next full length album. Of course, when I say familiar, I know that they are going to have a few surprises for their rapidly growing fan-base. A few songs have circulated in live shows that will appear on the new album, and I personally cannot wait to hear what they have in store. If you don’t know Attalus, now is the time to hop on the wagon. You can listen to and download their album Post Tenebras Lux for free, and download their new EP, The Brighter Side as well. These guys are really going places. I can’t wait to see where Attalus is heading. All I know is that I can expect some sweet jams along the way.

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