For years The David Crowder* Band has provided great music for all who have allowed them into their library of music. I for one always found myself refreshed after listening to one of their records. If I had to describe their music in one phrase it would have to be a “glorifying crescendo”. Crowder saw God and the scriptures as a glorifying experience that simply had this incredible build throughout life. The crescendo of the gospel is truly a beautiful principle. For a little more on that topic, I would recommend checking out an article written by my friend Jeff Hoenshell that goes into detail about The Crescendo of Resurrection.

Needless to say, I was very upset when the Crowder Band announced that they were going to be breaking up after the release of the latest album, “Give Us Rest”. They had always been a steady source of worship I could turn to. I never really had to worry that they would develop a personal vendetta to protect a certain image. They were there to worship and glorify Christ.

Then a grand thing happened indeed. Former members Jack Parker, Jeremy “B-Wack” Bush, Mike D, and Mark Waldrop decided that they wanted to continue writing praise music for the church, and thus The Digital Age was born.So far, the band’s music has been very similar to that of the former Crowdsters, including covers of songs like “After All (Holy)” and “Oh My God / I Am a Seed”. They have also released a few new originals like “All the Poor and Powerless” and “Hallelujah”.

The band setup is primarily composed of Jack on lead guitar/backup vocals, B-Wack on drums of course, Mike on keyboard/bass/lead vocals, and Mark as rhythm guitarist/backup vocals. Their music is composed of strong ambience and techno fills that continue to crescendo through the majority of their songs. However, that is only a background noise. The front of the music sound is comprised with intricate guitar pieces and rhythmic drum lines. Honestly, they sound very similar to the old Crowder Band. In fact, the sound is near identical. However, this isn’t a bad or cheap thing considering that they are the same people from the former band and that form of music cannot be allowed to die. If such a thing were biblical, The Digital Age is the reincarnated form of The David Crowder* Band.

The band has just recently released their first EP called “Rehearsals”. As the title would suggest, it is an album composed of six of their rehearsed studio songs. Don’t let that thought scare you. The record is very well recorded and the music is phenomenal. They continue to set a high musical and lyrical standard for themselves. You can purchase the album on both iTunes and Amazon. I definitely recommend this album. They have announced that this is simply a tie-over for fans who are anxious to hear some of their music. Their first full-length album is currently in the works and we are all waiting on further details. My recommendation to you is to go outside with a cup of either iced coffee or iced tea (your choice) and a means by which to listen to The Digital Age and just relax. It is a beautiful day (at least in the great triangle area of North Carolina) and it could be made even better by delighting your auditory receptors with the glorious anthems produced by The Digital Age.

Happy Listening…

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