Prep yourselves music lovers because we got some great news! Tenth Avenue North is back with a brand new album to be released August 21, 2012. The title of the new record, as seen above, is The Struggle. When Jeff Owen (lead singer) was asked about the title he responded that they didn’t set out to create an album having that certain theme in mind. “From life to death, birth to final rest, this life is a struggle,” He said. In the end, the title “The Struggle” just made sense as an accurate representation of the general composition of the record. This album is about the fights and struggles that naturally comes about in a tarnished and sin covered world. “We have a disposition to trials and tribulations in this world, but the one thing we don’t have to work to earn is grace.”

Also, recently the band released a single that will be seen on the new album. The song is called “The Losing”. When I heard the news about the new song, I immediately got out my best noise-canceling headphones in order to better capture the new sound of Tenth Avenue North. I must admit, in the beginning I was a little worried by how poppy it sounds. What, with the clapping in all, it is enough to make any true musician sweat a bit. But, as I always discover, Tenth Avenue North has mastered a formula that allows them to use musical elements normally associated with tasteless pop and use it to create an excellent composition.

     I was really moved by the message of this song. We as a nation, as a culture, and especially as a church have forgotten what love is. I am guilty of this. I look at others and see only their sin. It is amazing how, for a moment, I can completely forget the same sin stained heart that separates me from my Father. Even Jesus in his perfection, hanging beaten and pierced on a cross cried, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!” Surely us, as a redeemed people can pray earnestly for the salvation of the lost. I think Jeff really understands what it is to be utterly broken over the sin of others.

So there is my little preview for the new album. As I said before, the official release date for the record has been announced as August 21, 2012. Be checking out their site for updates and to pre-order the record. Finally, keep an eye out for a post from me after the album is released. Music reviews is one of my passions and I really do strive to represent music the best that I possibly can. Happy listening!

God Bless.

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