As I wrote in an earlier post, Andrew Osenga is a musician who travels on tour with Andrew Peterson. Upon hearing some of his new songs live, I pre-ordered his new album “Leonard the Lonely Astronaut.” What I had heard already excited me very much as to the potential to this album. Due to the impending birth of his child, he postponed the release of the album to a later date. Fortunately, those who pre-ordered the album received a temporary digital copy until he can release the cd version. So, I got my album and immediately sat down and listened to it in its entirety. As expected, I was not disappointed. It was a very tasteful album. Osenga is a very gifted musician and he does not does not release bad music. Here are my amateur speculations…

I really enjoyed the fact that this was a peaceful and serene album. Those of you who saw the picture of him playing that absolutely gorgeous Fender Jaguar, THIS IS NOT A ROCK ‘N ROLL ALBUM! If that is what you are expecting, you will be sorely disappointed. I would still personally recommend for you to acquire the record, simply because it is excellent music. Than again, I doubt that I will be able to sway those out there who just want a good old dirty rock album. Not that their is anything wrong with that. It just has its place, is all. One song that I found myself drawn to particularly was “Ever and Always”. It is very quiet and folky. The song is about a girl and their differences. It is about how a girl opened his eyes to an entirely different beautiful world and reality.  In the end, it was her differences that made her so beautiful. Due to the name of the song I assume it is about his wife, but who knows. He sings about the ocean, and I can smell the salt of the sea. Osenga has a talent, in that he can write words and pair it so well with music that he can fool your senses to believe whatever he wants. That sounds really scary, but I happen to believe that some of the best music has that quality.

Unfortunately, I do have some negative things I noticed in the album. I found myself drifting in and out of interest as I listened. It is not that it isn’t good, it is just that I was expecting some change ups in the sound as the album progressed. Now, their were sound changes as a whole in the album, however, there really weren’t many dynamic moments during the music. I like something that will grab my attention and keep me sucked in. I just didn’t get that feeling. I also thought he had a few moments of drum machines scattered around. I am not a fan of drum machines. I believe in the sanctity of the talented drummer. There were also several songs that I found myself being able to sing the words to midway through the song, and it was my first time through. That is a big no-no in my book. I like music to surprise me and keep me on my toes.

I hate having to write negative things about this album, because honestly I did enjoy it and would recommend it in a heartbeat. I just call it as I see it when it comes to music. So,now  to my final rating. I have developed a new system. My rating chart is going to be comprised on a scale of 1 to 10 bacon strips. I mean, come on, bacon is agreeably one of the most loved things in existence. Everyone wants more bacon. Also a rating of 10 bacon strips will most likely never exist in my ratings. The highest I will probably ever go will be 9, maybe. So, keeping that in mind, my final rating on Andrew Osenga’s “Leonard the Lonely Restaurant” is 6 bacon strips. Go and pre-order it at this link. I would definitely recommend this album. So, once again my highly cynical brain wishes you all happy listening!

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