Earlier, I posted about Andrew Peterson and the new album he is working on. Actually, Peterson is a member of an association of independent musicians known as “The Rabbit Room”. The title is based off the original room in a pub called the Eagle and Child. It was the original meeting place of the “Oxford Inklings”, or as you may know them, C. S. Lewis, J. R. Tolkien, and Charles Williams. The room where they met was called The Rabbit Room, and they would all meet their regularly to discuss their stories. The stories for works such as The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings were all conceived in this room. The emphasis for the use of a room such as this, is the importance of community. Andrew Peterson decided that a close community of musicians was very important to keep each other and their work in check. This is a very long introduction in order to better understand the musician who is Andrew Osenga.

       Andrew Osenga is also a member of a close group of musicians called “The Captains Courageous”. This band consists of Andrew Peterson, Andy Gullahorn, Ben Shive, and Andrew Osenga. Among the group Osenga is commonly the electric guitar player. In his own music however, he has a very unusual sense of style and rhythm that makes his music very addicting. He has released several albums over the past few years and none have been disappointing. The recent big news from Osenga is that his new album is in the works. It has been for several months now, and has been recently approaching completion. The name of the new record is “Leonard the Lonely Astronaut”. In a recent live show, Osenga stated that the album tries to reflect a human’s need for community and what makes the mind tick. Where do emotions like love and loneliness come from? These are all questions that are stirring this new record. One of the confirmed songs on the album is called “Beat of My Heart”. It is the culmination of all the human emotions flowing at once in the single act of a heartbeat. The unfortunate news is that due to he impending birth of his new child, the album release has been pushed back till the fall. However, today it was announced that anyone who pre-orders his album will receive a digital copy of the album within two weeks. I would definitely recommend pre-ordering this album. I am psyched about the new sounds and emotions he will invoke in this record. Pick up your copy soon so you don’t have to wait until fall!


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