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Over the years, Andrew Peterson has become one of my favorite musicians and songwriters. I understand that some people might not see a difference between a “musician” and a “songwriter”. Actually there is a huge difference! It is entirely possible for someone to be an amazing musician, but an awful songwriter, and vice versa. Andrew Peterson has, quite frankly, mastered both. It is sometimes very agitating because you get so caught up in the great music and ignore the lyrics. Either way, long story short, Andrew is one of the great musicians of our generation. In fact, two of his albums made it’s way on my list of “Top Five Praise Albums of our Generation”.

I could go on and on about my appreciation for this musician, however, my news to you all today is to be looking out for his new album! Earlier this winter, Andrew said that he had been writing a new album and would begin recording soon after his “Behold the Lamb of God” tour ended. Well that time has come. Andrew Peterson has entered the studio and has begun working on his new album. At a recent show this past Sunday, Andrew announced that one of the possible titles for the new record is “Light for the Lost Boy”. This title has now been confirmed by him on his personal twitter account. No artwork has been released, however. Also, Peterson just recently released a video journal revealing one of the songs to be coming on the new album.

The song is entitled “Shine Your Light On Me”. The song appears to be relating his experiences to the darker moments of his life. Moments like that 16 year old depression, the first big music performance, and just general despair. The analogies and lyrics relate very heavily to that of David in the Psalms. The main chorus and cry of the song goes, “Shine your light on me/ Be a light unto my path/ And a lamp unto my feet.” This quotes Psalm 119: 105 where David writes, “Be a lamp to my feet, and a light for my path.” This song deals with our darkest moments in our soul. When those moments of unexplained depression and despair drown out all the joy from our bones. I think what Andrew is trying to tell us is that God will shine a light for us, but it may not be in a way we expected. Some of the lamps in this song for him were his brothers and sisters in his congregation, his fellow friends and musicians on stage with him, and his wife and kids. This song is a beautiful reminder of God’s promise to us, that he will never forsake us. Just as God sent the pillar of fire to his children in the desert, so he too will send us a light to guide us in our uncertainty.

Needless to say, I am very excited for this upcoming album. For any of you who are unassociated with Andrew Peterson, here is a link to his website. Listen to his albums. I recommend especially acquiring the album “Resurrection Letters Vol. 2”. His songwriting will change your theology and your view of our glorious God.

Once again I bid you all, adieu.

God Bless,

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