In this day the act of “pumping up Christians” or “setting our hearts on fire” has become quite a popular term. Loosely the phrase can be translated, “We just listened to a beautiful praise song to a slide show of pictures from ‘Passion of the Christ’ and are now going to go and molest our friends and neighbors with gospel tracts, show the “shortcut to paradise”, and paint red crucifixes on the doors.” Once the heart of a youth is “on fire for God”, the side-effects could range anywhere from burning mass numbers of their sinful secular Cd’s, to committing to read the entire Bible in two months. Strangely enough however, none of the above are listed in what we call the “fruits of the spirit”. Does that mean that their is no such thing as being “on fire for God”? Of course not! So, then what does it look like? I’m so glad you asked…

When I hear the phrase “on fire for God” my mind immediately goes back to the martyrs of Rome and beyond, because they were literally on fire for God! These people looked Caesar or the Catholic Church in the eye and invited them to their Wednesday night prayer group. No, wait that’s not right. They did something bigger than that. They told them the gospel! They were spreading the good news not just to their friends or people they didn’t know, but to their blatant enemies! How much more committed can you get than to say “To die is gain, and to live is Christ”? And today we sit and draw teenagers in with free pizza and than tell them, that to serve Christ is to go and win souls for Him? What are we doing? I could be a vacuum cleaner salesman and sell hundreds, and still absolutely despise my job. No, Christ calls us to do something much bigger than to be his traveling salesmen. We are his messengers. His envoys and representatives here on this foreign land. The last words spoken by Jesus Christ on this earth were these: “Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”. I see nothing there about inviting people to church or having huge youth meetings. Now is there anything wrong with those? Innately, no. But we treat those today as the commands that Jesus gave to us here on the earth.

So, how to apply this? The greatest way we can serve God on this earth is to follow the greatest commandments He gave to us. Which is firstly to love Him with all are heart, soul, and mind and secondly, to love our neighbors as yourself. Beyond that “The Great Commission” states that we are to make disciples. Jesus never said to have “soul-winning” competitions and hand out gospel tracts. He said to make disciples. Remember, before the foundation of the earth, God knew His children and they are forever in the protection of His hands. We, on this earth are to make disciples of on another. If we are truly “on fire for God”, nothing that this world has to offer or put in our way, can stop us from following those commandments. For Jesus’s farewell to the apostles was, “And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age”.

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